Meadowcrest Cottage

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Laundry Room Makeover

This is a coincidence.. I am doing a laundry room makeover today for Metamorphosis Monday and am linking up to
Between Naps On The Porch.

I am dedicating this makeover to my Dad this Fathers's Day, who passed away 10 years ago. I miss him everyday and think about him often. He is the one who taught me to use power tools such as a table saw, chop saws, routers, etc. I have been able to do so much with my home because of him. I have put up chair rail, picture framing, door encasements, beadboard, etc. Love You Dad!!

I want to share with readers, my laundry room makeover. I did this makeover approximately 2 years ago before I started blogging and unfortunately,I can not find my before pics. But here are the after pics.

I found these cute stickers at Joann's. I put them on the wall above the beadboard under the cabinets.

Most everyone who comes to my home enters through the laundry/mudroom. My driveway pulls right up to the side of my house where guests find it too far to walk down the sidwalk and up the porch steps to knock on the front door. So my laundry/mudroom serves as a 2nd foyer to my home. Therefore, I am always (wish I wasn't)concerned about how neat the laundry area is. If I ever build another house I will keep the side entrance, but make sure the laundry area is in another part of the house.

When the house was built the laundry area had plain walls and the countertop was white laminate. The alcove where you see built-in drawers was a place for a freezer. I moved the freezer to the garage.
I added off-the-shelf cabinets (Home Depot)over the washer and dryer/ These cabinets are so cheap I had to add wood trim to the seams to cover up the peeling laminate. I know I should have trimmed out the whole opening with the stained wood, but I used scrap that I had laying around. I hope to find some matching pieces to redo it properly.
I removed the white laminate counter top and reused it in my sewing room closet as a work table. The wood countertop is from IKEA. All I had to do was cut off about 1 1/2 feet and slip it right in. It is so solid and heavy I did not even have to screw it down. I reused the cut off piece as a cutting board on my kitchen counter. It is fantastic!!
Yes,I have a flat screen HD TV in my laundry room. It really comes in handy if I am working at the counter. I love watching "Chick Flicks" or HGTV when I am doing laundry on a rainy day.
I am also in the process of transferring all my VHS home movies on to DVD, hence the recording equipment.

Here is the alcove where I built in an old dresser that my Mom gave me several years ago. The storage above is used for storing quilts and some Some Christmas decorations that I want to be kept in the air conditioning for preservation.
The left door is a linen closet and the right door leads to a hallway. I replaced all the hardware that I found on ebay. They are less expensive, but better quality than Home Depot or Lowes. The brass hinges you see on the door that leads to the hallway are special hinges that allow the door to open giving you more space in the doorway. I have not found these in black yet, so I may have to paint them to match.

Here is where I need to redo the trim around the cabinets. I keep my "Chick Flicks" on the shelf. I made the basket liners. One matches the valance on the entry Door