Meadowcrest Cottage

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Fall Wooden Scarecrow

This past weekend after working so hard on finishing up my transoms, I was ready to do something I really love. Many years ago I used to sell at craft shows. I would sell many sewn items like country doll, wreaths, and painted wood items. I always loved painting. Though I live in Florida and it is 90+ degrees I wanted to get in the Autumn feeling. I decided to make a scarecrow light for my foyer.

I had to break out my band saw that has been stored in the corner of my garage. It has not been used in over 20 years. After I cleaned it up and blew all the spiders away, I flipped the switch and it ran perfectly!

I cut and sanded all the wood pieces, gathered up all my supplies, sat down in my sewing room, put a great movie on, and went to work.

This is the end result. Isn't he cute?


Debby said...

Very cute. You did a good job. Glad that you clebrate fall even in the heat. I can send you pumkins. I love fall in Ohio. The trees are so beautiful.

SavannahGranny said...

And the results are awesome! I WANT a bandsaw to go with my mitersaw and tablesaw. You are really talented. He is a handsome scarecrow.
Thanks for visiting me today. Please come again. Ginger

Anonymous said...

Do you have a pattern that you could email me for your Fall Wooden Scarecrow project. If not, do you know what publication the pattern came from? I am a school teacher and would like to make this project with my class.